Sizing guide

Step 1

Use a sewing tape measure to determine your exact body measurements, so you can choose the size that best suits your body type.

Step 2

Measure the distances shown in the following drawing:

Measure to be taken :
A. Chest circumference
B. Waist circumference
C. Hip circumference
D. Waist

Step 3

Record your measures in the following table:

Measurements in centimeters (cm)

Please note that these products fit very close to the body. If in doubt, go one size up!

An additional guide to choosing the right Chef de File gloves.

Step 4

If you like to dress looser or tighter, you can determine the size as follows:

You measure the chest circumference (90 cm). If you like to dress tightly, take size S (92 cm) and if you like to dress loosely, take size M (96 cm).