We're proud to equip some of the best teams in the French amateur peloton, your favorite cyclosportive and your group of friends. Cycling, triathlon, running/trail, we offer a range of personalized products. From jerseys to shorts, vests, jackets, wetsuits and accessories. All our products, designed in France and handmade in Spain or Italy, are fully customizable.

Customize to your image

Steps in the manufacturing process

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1. Influence

Visual inspirations, choice of ranges, once you've contacted us we'll advise you so that your future products correspond as closely as possible to your identity and your needs.

2. Design

Our graphic designer will send you several design proposals. The one that suits you best will be duplicated on the various products you have selected.

3. Manufacturing

Once the design has been validated, we'll launch our manufacturing process with our partner factories, who will meticulously produce your outfits.

4. Follow-up

We'll take care of receiving your outfits, carrying out a final check and sending them to you, with the aim of offering a tailor-made service for each partner.