AERO bibshort

One of the most essential items for cyclists, but also one of the hardest to find to your liking: the cycling bibshorts. Through our experience and knowledge, the cycling bib-shorts have been one of the elements we have studied and reworked over and over again to offer a high quality Chef de 
File Custom bibshorts. Here with our AERO bibshorts, perfect for champions, competitors and ultrabikers. Maximum technicality, lightness, aerodynamics, maximum comfort and above all a pad that guarantees 8 hours of comfort in the saddle.


Composed of two high density lycras with a very compressive embossed material

7 centimeters silicon band with mesh fabric for comfort and aerodynamism

Silicone grip on the inside of the band: perfect fit of the shorts

Flat seam

High quality silicone straps, invisible strap effect

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