Sizing guide

Step 1

Use a sewing tape measure to determine your exact body measurements, so you can choose the size that best suits your body type.

Step 2

Measure the distances indicated in the following drawing:

Actions to take:
A. Chest measurement
B. Waist measurement
C. Hip circumference
D. Size

Step 3

Relevez vos mesures dans le tableau suivant :
Measurements in centimetres (cm)
Please note that these products fit very close to the body. If in doubt, go one size up!

Step 4

If you like to dress looser or tighter, you can determine the size as follows:

You measure around the bust (90 cm). If you like
like to dress tightly, take a size S (92 cm) and if you like to dress
dress looser, take size M (96 cm).