Our manufacturing process

Our manufacturing process

Our manufacturing process is constantly evolving, always with the same desire: to imagine products with a modern style and premium quality, while offering you the best possible service. 

Our leitmotif is to promote the French cycling lifestyle. To design unique pieces, you need a perfect understanding of fashion trends and the needs of our partners. But not only ! Creators, but above all enthusiasts and practitioners of the little queen. Our outfits are created by cyclists for cyclists. Both for our collection part and for our customizations, we put in place a real creative process in order to provide a perfect balance between your desires, the creativity of our designers and the Chef de File touch.


We have selected trusted Spanish and Italian partners in order to have the best possible products according to our needs and those of our customers. Around certain criteria such as performance, ethics, quality and also proximity! The process of creating the majority of our products is sublimation, a printing of the model on the textile. This method allows greater creative freedom by having the possibility of producing 100% customizable outfits. R&D is also a central subject in our production processes. Since it is our duty to offer you premium quality products in line with the innovative trends of the moment (comfort, performance, practicality).


Choosing Chef de File and Chef de File Custom means obtaining a tailor-made service personalized to each person’s needs. Our credo has always been to offer quality service and to support you throughout the manufacturing and creation process. So that you then have the best possible experience with our products during your outings! Advising you on the choice of products, strong responsiveness in the event of a request and a desire to put yourself forward, because if you choose Leader, you are now our best showcase.