What mean gravel ?

Cycling is a sport practiced by millions of people around the world. There are many disciplines, including road cycling, track, cyclo-cross, BMX and even mountain biking. A discipline that has been gaining popularity in recent years is gravel, a form of cycling that involves riding freely on all types of trails. In this article we are going to explain what gravel is and what makes it so popular.

Gravel cycling is a type of cycling that involves riding on unsealed roads, often through rural areas and rough terrain. The term "gravel" means "gravel" in English, which explains the nature of the roads used. These roads are often covered in gravel, dirt, rocks, or other unpaved materials, making them more difficult to drive on than traditional roads.

Gravel is different from mountain biking. Gravel bikes are designed to be faster and more efficient on unpaved roads than mountain bikes. Gravel bikes have wider tires than regular road bikes, allowing them to ride on unsealed roads without losing too much speed or control. Gravel bikes also come with disc brakes, which allows them to brake more efficiently.

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Gravel riding has become popular in recent years for several reasons. First of all, it offers an alternative to classic road cycling, which can sometimes be boring or predictable. Gravel is considered a new Eldorado for two-wheeled adventurers. The trails offer an added challenge, and the beauty of the rural areas in which gravel is practiced make it a more immersive experience. Additionally, gravel is a great option for cyclists who want to stay fit outside of the road cycling season, as it can be done all year round.

Finally, gravel is a great way to discover new places and get out of your comfort zone. Unsealed roads can lead to places that cyclists might not otherwise have discovered, providing a unique cycling experience.

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In conclusion, gravel is a type of cycling which involves riding on all types of surfaces. Gravel bikes are designed to be faster and more efficient than mountain bikes on these roads, providing an attractive alternative to road cycling. Gravel riding has become popular in recent years for several reasons, including providing an extra challenge for cyclists and discovering new places. If you are a cyclist looking for new adventures, gravel could be the discipline for you. And still at the forefront thanks to our clothing adapted to gravel. Discover our cargo shorts, our gravel shirt, our gravel polo shirt or even our gravel jacket.

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