How to wear a bibshorts ?

Bibshorts are clothing specially designed for cyclists, they are equipped with a chamois which offers increased comfort and protection against irritation and pain. It is of capital importance in cycling for several reasons: comfort, performance, regulation of your body temperature, hygiene.

Here are the steps to put on bibshorts. First, start by putting on your bibshorts by positioning the straps on your shoulders. Make sure the bibshorts fit snugly to your body. Then, pull the bottom of the shorts upwards to position them on your thighs. Make sure the chamois is centered on your saddle. Once the bottom of the bibshorts is positioned on your thighs, adjust them so that they are taut and do not move while you pedal. The straps must be adjusted so that the bibshorts do not slip. Finally, put your cycling jersey over your shorts for a complete look. There you are, you are now ready to pedal in complete comfort with your well-fitted bibshorts!

And thanks to Chef de File?

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Should you wear underwear under your cycling shorts?

It is not recommended to wear underwear under bibshorts. The bibshorts are designed to be worn directly against the skin to minimize friction and irritation while cycling. The bibshorts are equipped with a chamois which is designed to absorb sweat and reduce friction between your body and the saddle. If you wear underwear under your shorts, this can cause additional friction and create additional pressure areas, which can cause irritation and pain.

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