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Custom Triathlon: A 2021 season to crown for Les Tritons Meldois

Clap de fin and heading for 2022 for Les Tritons Meldois. French champions of D1 duathlon, French individual champion in duathlon, rise in D2 triathlon, the year 2021 was excellent for Meaux. But 2021 was only a step in the path of success for Fabien Le Colleter's team!


As we are about to leave 2021 behind us, the winter mercato is rumbling. The phone of Fabien, manager (and vice-president) of the Tritons Meldois, does not stop vibrating. Prolongation of his talents and reinforcement of the staff, the tone is given, but he wants to emphasize the difficulty of this period: « The lack of structure and legislation around the mercato makes it aggressive, this is the less cool part of our environment ».


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A season rich in emotions and (very) good performances. For the first time in the history of the club, Les Tritons Meldois won the French Club Championship. For this first time, and with the manner, it is the female duathletes who offer the title thanks to an impressive regularity. For Fabien, this performance is not an end in itself, but rather the result of the project and the objective that has been in place since the creation of the club in 1994. To perform well on the national scene, from D3 to the D1 title.


The objective of the D1 triathlon

It had been 4 years since the club had tried to climb to D2. At that time, Meaux had stumbled to the 4th place leaving a bitter taste. 2021 and the collective emulation allowed the rise in D2 and offered a relief to all this big family. A continuity in their project and a fulfilled contract which allows a double victory: to keep their best talents and to strengthen considerably.


Les Tritons Meldois


The 2022 season looks bright with a series of very good surprises that will allow the team to aim high. Even very high, this objective of D1, the top league of the discipline. The team's ambitions are high, and Fabien says he is confident that they will be able to move up to the top division by 2023: « Our men's triathlon team will be built around a top runner who will be joining us in the coming weeks. We will have a very competitive team to play the climb, all with a very good atmosphere. It is also this family atmosphere that defines us and that we find at Les Tritons. »

Performing in triathlon & duathlon, the plurality and talent pool within Les Tritons Meldois is illustrated by this statistic. Only two clubs have its 4 teams (duathlon M/W & triathlon M/W) in the French elite, Metz and Meaux! And that is by playing with the talents that make up the French panorama and the vision of the manager:

« Since 2016 I took over the first teams. Before this period in Meaux it was very complicated to have competitive French athletes to be on the French championship. We had many athletes from Benelux. Today, taking the example of our women's duathlon team, it is a pride to be able to propose a winning formation with 8 French and only two foreigners. The trend has been reversed, and this title is just huge for us. The same goes for the men's team, which has just achieved a magnificent top 5. »


Baptiste Cartieaux, youth in power

In this desire to set up an exciting long-term project, Baptiste Cartieaux, class of 2003, is the perfect illustration. For his first season with Les Tritons Meldois, he won the title of French junior duathlon champion (individual). A simple and effective description from Fabien about one of his protégés: « He is only looking to win, he is a young man full of talent. He has impressive references on his bike tests, in addition to his enormous potential in athletics ».


Baptiste Cartieaux

(c) Auguste Devaire


More than a diamond, Baptiste demonstrates the importance of multidisciplinarity in this sport. This title of French champion was somewhat of a surprise since this year the junior had focused on athleticism. He succeeded in his double bet, finishing 4th at the European Championships in July and 11th at the World Championships in August in his discipline, the 3,000m steeplechase. He then spent the month of September on the road to try to make up for the time he lost with Fabien: « Of course, he had to put the bike aside. From the end of August until the French duathlon championships, we had to work hard on this sport. The fact that he was French champion means that his year is perfectly filled in athleticism and duathlon. »


« Everyone is very excited to start the next season », and we understand his enthusiasm. See you in 2022, and always in Chef de File Custom!  

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