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Collection SS-23 : La qualité au service de l’esthétique

Summer is finally here at Chef de File, and it's time for our new SS-23 collection! On the one hand, beautiful design. A wide choice of cycling shorts and modern jerseys. On the other, our cycling experience. Long-distance, ultra-breathable products. Quality for aesthetics, aesthetics for quality.

One, if not THE product where the cyclist is looking for superior quality, the bibshorts! As cyclists we have worked for years to provide you with the best possible quality bibshorts at an affordable price. Last year's was unanimously (or almost) unanimously appreciated by everyone who tried it, so we decided not to modify it technically! Unchanged, or almost! Indeed, for you ladies we have listened to your feedback and modified the cut of our baroudeuse bibshorts so that they are slightly longer. In short, we are staying on bibshorts suitable for long distance (8 hours + in the saddle) thanks to the materials that make up the product but also to our Dolomiti Gallio skins for men and Maloja for women.

It is mainly in the design of our baroudeur and baroudeuse bibshorts that we find new features. The placement of our Chef de File logo is now parallel with your thighs and present on both sides. But above all, no less than 7 colors of bibshorts make up this summer collection: Aubergine, Midnight Blue, Cocoa, Grey, Black, Petrol, Bottle Green! We wanted to expand the range and add a little originality to this traditional piece, and it’s done. And who knows, maybe in 2024 we will also find white cycling shorts to satisfy the expectations of certain aficionados or members of the style brigade...


After the originality of our bib short colors, this time we are switching to our first wave of jersey design, our “Essentiel” range. An ultra-light Italian product with a cut that will perfectly fit your upper body to give you a feeling of second skin and comfort during exercise. Our “Essentiel” collection is built around a desire: to make bibshorts that suit you. In our desire to combine the codes of ready-to-wear with cycling fashion, we find a so-called heather texture effect in the composition of this “Essentiel” range. This “Essential” design range includes everything you need without adding anything superfluous. There are 4 colors on the program that go very well with our 7 shorts: Terracotta, Grey, Petrol, Bordeaux.

For once, we have decided to once again renew and modernize our traditional signature: the sailor top! Ride in modernity while embracing French tradition. We no longer present this classic, inspired by French fashion, the sailor top. Over the years, it has become our signature and an iconic piece of our brand. Our goal was to revisit it so that it enhances your style on a bike. In this new momentum, we decided to rework the traditional lines of the sailor top to give it a brittle effect. Cream, midnight blue, green and purple-pink, the choice of colors is still there to suit many of you. More than just a swimsuit, we are constantly working to best meet your needs. Lightness, technicality, safety and of course aesthetics, nothing is left to chance

However, you will have to be patient and wait until July 11 to get your hands on one of our sailor shirts... Except for the lucky ones who will be on L'Étape du Tour and who will be able to discover them in preview...


To complete everything, in addition to our four colors of socks, two new caps are part of the circle and are part of our new summer collection! Since every detail counts in your quest for ultimate style on the bike, take advantage of our Vintage White cap with a sleek design thanks to its vintage inspirations or our sailor cap. Perfect for a 100% sailor composition by accompanying the cap with our midnight blue sailor jersey and our sailor socks! An ultra comfortable cap thanks to its cotton composition but also thanks to its elastic which will perfectly fit the shape of your skull.


And to highlight our products, we certainly carried out our shooting on the roads of Beaujolais, Monts d’Or and Monts du Lyonnais. These same roads that we take almost daily by bike and that some of us know by heart. Why this choice ? Because quite simply we want to highlight this territory which offers us the chance to have breathtaking roads and landscapes between KOM to unwind and vineyards where to recharge our batteries.

And of course, the final word on this new Chef de File collection: always this desire to see you ride with high-performance products with resplendent style, the French cycling lifestyle.

Chef de FIle - Imagine and design superior quality outfits to satisfy you and support you in your quest for style and cycling performance. Don't hesitate to follow us on our networks to see our most beautiful jerseys worn or to follow the news of our partner clubs.

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