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PARIS 2024 In the Wheel of… Melveen Landerneau - Member of the French speed team

A strong man on the French track for several seasons now, we are fortunate to welcome Melveen Landerneau to the Chef de File family! And in this Olympic year, it didn't take long for him to thrill us. The Martinican rocket obtained two bronze medals, one from the French keirin championships and the other from the European kilometer championship. With a view to Paris 2024, we take his wheel to find out more about his daily life and his journey.

A feeling of revenge! The Olympic atmosphere is not a complete discovery for him. After tasting this Olympic atmosphere during the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 as a replacement athlete, Melveen is more determined than ever to get his ticket to Paris. And this time as a starter. Even more so in this team which has always brought home a medal in team sprint on the track. For him, and we understand it, these Paris Games at home are a real “career goal ”. Only a few months left before pinning a bib on his French team suit.

Some explanations for those who do not know team speed on the track: 2 teams of 3 runners (only 2 for women), including 1 thrower who compete over 3 laps of the track. Very spectacular and above all visual discipline since the two teams start on diametrically opposite lines of the velodrome. The goal is very simple: finish the team before the other. And in all this Melveen? If his ticket is validated, he will have the key role of launcher, that of putting the other two cars of the team on the right track. A new role for him, but one that delights him as a kilometer specialist. For this, nothing is left to chance. Between data analysis, tactical video sessions or even specific sessions on the bike and in the gym, Melveen is conditioned for success.

But before this Olympic deadline, let's take a step back to present him and his journey. Class of 1997, it was at the age of 8 that the sprinter of Martinican origin developed a passion for cycling, almost by a twist of fate: “For the record, my older brother rode a bike. One day my soccer practice was canceled, and I went to train with my brother's club. The passion took hold immediately. I was juggling between football and cycling, one day I had to make a choice and I went for cycling .” Then the track arrived, almost by… default:

“I was almost forced. I took up track in the winter, I didn't like it at all. I had the choice between cyclo-cross and track when I was at Team 94. Cyclo-cross was out of the question, so track was the only option. But that's not why I was happy to go there, far from it! Over time, we spotted my qualities and I got into the game... I took part in my first championships in French cadet 2 where I was double French champion. Everything then came together very quickly since I joined the Olympic center of Saint Quentin en Yvelines in 2017. "

Melveen now has a nice track record. In his wardrobe, several French champion jerseys, a European kilometer champion jersey (in 2022), but also numerous medals starting with the silver from the world championship in Saint Quentin en Yvelines in 2022 on the kilometer ... We knew he was passionate about sneakers but he also has a great passion for champion jerseys. To face this momentous year, nothing better than starting it with a smile and new medals around your neck:

“Every time I’m at the start of the kilometer, there are a lot of waits. It is a discipline that requires a lot of demands. This doesn't forgive you when you don't have the legs. Which was different compared to other years, since I arrived in Apeldoorn after large blocks of training. I didn't know where I was, neither about my form, nor about my conditions. Finally, the bronze medal is a very good surprise. Above all, this demonstrates that the work upstream was carried out correctly. »

As for the French championship at the beginning of January, there was no particular objective. “You have to do it to do it”, especially since the dates fall quite badly a few days before the European Championships. The result had very little importance for him and those around him. The head and legs are now focused on the final deadlines before Paris 2024. A big month of training will begin before completing two World Cup rounds in Hong Kong and Canada. Who they will be sensitive to for the Olympic ticket:

“We have two competitions left before Paris 2024, these are two key dates for the qualification and the line-up of the French sprint team. The selection will be known at the end of April. We are lucky that our coach is the coach of the France team, so our performance in training is also essential. It's on the right track. »

Now it's time for the next spring objectives and this famous Olympic ticket to win! One thing is certain, 2024 is the year of thrills.

Our partners are talented and they deserve to be highlighted!

Thanks to Melveen Landerneau, member of the French speed team, for the time given and to Wissem Jaubert for the photo credits.

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