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Dans la Roue de … Laury Pilette-Grand Est professional runner Komugi La Fabrique

The presentations made, it was time for the female collective Grand-Est - Komugi - La Fabrique To dive into the deep end. Internship, first pinned bibs and first emotions, for this first episode within the neophyte professional training, we took the wheel of the talented Quebec Laury Lilette!

After inaugurating our partnership, the weeks and the first races quickly followed one another for the Grand-Est - Komugi - La Fabrique training. In view at the start of the season, we took Laury Milette's wheel to discover more about her, her feelings and the team's state of mind. Class 2002 and a first experience at the highest level, the European professional circuit was not a discovery for the young Canadian. By her versatility and her punchor-all-rounder profile, Laury is particularly keen on rugged circuits as she mentions: "I prefer races with a broken circuit, which end in a reduced peloton where I can make a point of my speed" .

Despite everything, with each new experience it takes a time to adapt to trigger new automatisms. But this was done quite naturally during the team's first internship in Malaucène:

“The internship was the first real contact between all the members of the team. While it was always a bit intimidatingly dreadful, I felt out of place from day one. The training week was trying, but it allowed us to target the strengths and weaknesses of each-staff and runners. What is necessary for the construction of a united and functional team. Our rather eclectic composition is refreshing and each runner brings a little something special to the team. »

Once the internship and the presentations are over, it's time for the first trip to Italy for the first races of the season. Under the sun and on the Mediterranean coast, the kit Head of File x GEK Had his first pinned bib! First laps of the wheels, but above all the first satisfaction for Laury thanks to a nice top 10 on the 4th stage of the Trofeo Ponente in Rosa: “It's certainly a great accomplishment and it proves that I have prepared well for the start of the season” . Despite some pitches related to organizational problems, the team remained positive: “We had the opportunity to work as a team for the first time and although there is still a lot of work, it's promising for the future” .

Between falls, mechanical and physical glitches, for Laury and most of the team the result was more unlucky. However, fighting spirit was the key word on the Tour de Normandie, mid-March:

"I got sick, so I couldn't optimize my recovery until the Tour of Normandy. Even though I wasn't at my best, I fought until the end to finish the race. It was a great opportunity to pick up the pace. I would have hoped for a better weekend, but it was still a very nice lap. It's time to rest and come back even stronger. »

The season has only just begun and the learning will follow naturally with the efforts made by the whole team, as she mentions precisely: “The results will come with the work that we will put to the development and union of the strengths of each runner” . For Laury, his main goals will arrive later in the year. With a real desire to shine on her local roads during the Gatineau Grand Prix and the determination to win the title of Canadian U23 champion.

The training schedule Grand-Est - Komugi - La Fabrique Refines itself. The team will have the opportunity to take its first steps in the World Tour of Switzerland during the women's Tour de Suit, pending further surprises and confirmation of invitations! Enough to make the jersey shine at the highest level of women's cycling while continuing this very intense learning!

Thanks to Laury Bilette For the time granted and to Noam Meresse For photo credits.

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