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Nathan, Road bike

Etape 1 - Personnalisation produit

This Chef de File set proved to be very versatile. In addition to being pleasant to wear, it performed as well on the road as it did on the trails. The designs are also effective, in short, everything to seduce. It is not ready to leave our locker room!

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Etape 1 - Personnalisation produit

The Chef de File products are very good, I was very pleasantly surprised by their lightness and the comfort of the different products offered. The shorts are very comfortable, enough to easily spend hours on the bike. All the products are really well finished, well cut, very close to the body, everything that cyclists love. It's a great team made up of passionate people who listen to their partners, in addition to having great products! You won't be disappointed, quite the contrary. I am happy to wear their equipment.

Cecile, Run, fit & fun

Etape 1 - Personnalisation produit

The fabric is thin, pleasant to wear, and the models are all very well cut, a real second skin. To wear with temperatures from 20 degrees in my opinion because of the thinness, it is really a collection for the beautiful days. It is also very breathable thanks to its lycra and its honeycomb sleeves. A reflective strip on the back will also allow to be seen more easily. The little extra and not least: they have provided a small flap inside the back pockets to minimize the risk of losing objects. As for the design and color, you have the choice between several which can be mixed, which is actually quite nice I think!

Discover the test ! (French)