What is sublimation in cycling clothing?

Many of you ask this question, but how are our products made? By what processes does the design found on the screen end up being exactly the same on your jersey? The answer is sublimation. We will explain to you how the principle of sublimation works and its advantages in our field. Hence our desire to “sublimate” tradition.

Sublimation in textile is an ink transfer process that uses heat to impregnate ink into fabric. The sublimation process involves converting solid-state ink directly into gas without going through the liquid state. This transformation is possible thanks to high heat and pressure.

In textile sublimation, an image is printed on a special transfer paper with special sublimation inks. Then the transfer sheet is placed on the fabric and heated to a high temperature in a heat press. Heat and pressure allow the ink to go directly from a solid to a gas, penetrating the fibers of the fabric to create a permanent image.

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Textile sublimation is often used to print images or designs on t-shirts, sports jerseys, flags and other fabric items. The advantages of textile sublimation are that the colors are vibrant, durable and wash-resistant, and will not fade or peel over time. Additionally, textile sublimation allows for great design flexibility, as it can be used to print complex images with high precision.

What does this bring to cycling textiles?

More concretely, sublimation brings many advantages to our profession. This technique provides real technical added value, the chosen design (patterns/logos/colors) will be directly printed on the fabric. And then as mentioned previously, unlike a method like flocking, your design will not move and the colors will remain as you had them.
To summarize, sublimation in cycling textiles is a real added value in several aspects: the durability of the design and its great design flexibility, which allows cycling clothing to be personalized with unique patterns, logos and colors.

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