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Caring for Your Cycling Clothing Leader

Whether you're a beginner or a first-time buyer of a Leader de File, discover our advice on how to best care for your products and maximize their longevity! By the end of this article, caring for your cycling clothing will no longer be a mystery.


In order to preserve your clothes as well as possible, in the best case, we advise you to recommend washing by hand. Especially if the product is particularly stained, washing with cold water and soap or baby laundry will be the most effective.

However, the latest washing machines allow you to clean your cycling products in an efficient way. Be careful, however, there are rules to follow so as not to damage the fibers of your clothes. For example, don't mix them with other clothes, remember not to mix them with clothes with Velcro fasteners. Also remember to return your cycling clothes.

For washing, choose a mild detergent or a liquid detergent suitable for synthetic fabrics. Be careful, don't use fabric softeners when washing your cycling clothes because they directly attack the technical fibers of your products. Choose wash cycles designed to wash delicate textiles, as well as a wash program with a maximum temperature of 30°.

Of course, for hygienic reasons, you should remember to clean your cycling clothes after each of your rides.

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Drying your cycling clothing is just as important in its care. If you have the opportunity, the best way to dry your cycling clothes is to place them on a drying rack in a ventilated area.

On the other hand, we strongly advise you not to iron them or put them in your dryer, as this could irreversibly damage the fibers of your clothes.

Washing, drying... We finish with the phase of storing your cycling clothes. First of all, remember to check that they are completely dry before placing them carefully in a place without humidity. You can put your pretty tops directly on hangers or store them in a drawer until your next outings!


Simply to preserve your products as well as possible but also for a simple question of hygiene! The price of our clothes is not trivial and it is linked to manufacturing costs due to highly technical textile materials. Its materials improve the comfort and performance of our products and your cycling experience. By their breathability, performance or resistance against cold and rain. In order for your Leader de File cycling clothing to retain its longevity, it is necessary to take care of it during your washes. That's why we recommend adapting the different stages of your interviews!

It's all good! You have in your possession all the keys to the successful maintenance of your Leader de Lead cycling clothing. All these tips will allow you to maximize the maintenance of our bicycle textile products.

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