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PARIS 2024 in the Roue de … Hugo Beurey-Member of the French Olympic rowing team

Special episode for a particular athlete! As we fast approach 2024, a small part of the population is turning to the goal of a lifetime, the Olympic Games. Among its exceptional athletes, for a few months we have been supporting a Lyon rowing machine member of the French rowing team, Hugo Beurey! With a view to Paris 2024, we are taking our wheel to learn more about its daily life.

Style and Watts, and that doesn't matter what sport after all! But there is cycling, and even daily for Hugo Beurey, two-man lightweight sculls (CM2x), athlete from the French Aviron team and member of Team Athlete Pôle Emploi. In his quest for performance everything is millimeter to leave nothing to chance. It was therefore natural for Chef de File to accompany Hugo on his needs and to provide him The necessary equipment So that he can train in the best conditions by bike. And around a very clear objective for him, to obtain his ticket for Paris 2024 and thus become medalist. On this subject, he looks back on his year 2023, strewn with pitfalls:

“The 2023 season has been a long one. Marred by a first part of injuries and illnesses and a second from April when I won the French championship. It was from that moment that the year took a turn. We had to be entered in doubles at the European Championship, but for medical reasons of the last minutes I take part in the individual and win the European title in the single scull.

I then go on to two World Cups that I did in doubles with my partner who will be the Olympic boat for the Paris Games. We do respectively, second on the 1st stage of the World Cup and win the 2nd. Until then, the goals were off.

We then go on an internship for the Olympic qualification which took place in September, a very good internship. Everything was open, unfortunately 10 days before I got sick twice and we have to forfeit during the world championships. We will therefore have to go through the qualifying Regatta in May to qualify for Paris. »

And to dwell on the positive moments of this 2023 season, let us underline his victory in the World Cup which occurred in Lucerne, particularly striking for Hugo: "When we get in the last 500, we see we're not very far from winning and we still have that feeling of being able to accelerate, it's a unique moment. On the finish line the two boats arrive at the same time, we do not know our ranking, it is a moment of doubt, but magical ".

At 25, a specific goal in his sights and recent changes, he built his success and his career. With weeks marked by 6 days of training composed of several daily sessions, the Grand Parc Miribel Jonage, residence of the France d'Aviron pole, is now a second home for Hugo:

"The change in Lyon was made last year. It was a big upheaval with a change of Pôle France and being able to devote myself full time to my sport thanks to my attachment to the structure of Pôle Emploi. It took a time to adapt to the France pole but I did not arrive in unknown territory since I knew all the members, they are people with whom I train in France internship. »

With very busy days marked by training on the boat, by bike or even in the room, physical preparation is crucial. However, the impact and role of mental health in an athlete's athletic success should not be omit. He rightly returns to this theme: “The mental load is one of the most important factors for me. No matter how much we train 100%, if on the day of the race we have the brain at 10%, the 700 hours a year will have been for nothing. Mental preparation works and trains in the image of the physical part to be ready on D-Day. »

A competitive since his childhood, Hugo discovered this world thanks to his mathematics teacher at the college who was the recruitor of the Nancy rowing club. Everything then quickly accelerated until he was sure he could see it big: “The pivotal year was between junior and senior when I had the opportunity to return to the France Pole in Senior and from the second year I won the U23 Worlds. I told myself why not try the top level, make it my daily life, then qualify and be a medal at the games.” Since then, he has never abandoned his collective, since in addition to being a high level athlete, he is also vice-president of the Nancy club. Tune in, and above all passionate about his field, he gives an important place to communication and its image in a sport with little media coverage in France. In addition to another of his talents, photography, which he uses in particular to capture moments of life with his teammates!

Now it's time for the next spring deadlines and this famous Olympic ticket to be won! One thing is certain, 2024 may be the year of the chills.

Our partners have talent and they deserve to be highlighted!

Thanks to Hugo Beurey Member of the French Rowing team for the time allowed and Hugo “Woujow” Schleicher For photo credits.

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