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In the wheel of… Ségolène Thomas-professional runner Grand Est Komugi La Fabrique

The road season is now in full swing. International races are linked and automatisms are set up for the girls of the team Grand-Est - Komugi - La Fabrique . For this second episode within professional training, we took the wheel of the Vosges Ségolène Thomas, she who won the first UCI points for the team!

It is from the top of his 24 years that the former athlete, now a cyclist, discovers the professional peloton and that with the manner! Since she quickly became one of the leaders of the neophyte formation Grand-Est - Komugi - La Fabrique. The atmosphere and the benevolent spirit that reigns within the team make it possible to progress more easily and to get there “Feel very good” . Originally from the Vosges, Ségolène has made the mountain her playground. It is also on roads adapted to her qualities as a climb that she won the team's first UCI points earlier in the season: "It was really a difficult course in Chambry hence my state at the finish of the race. I was satisfied and super happy to be able to unlock the counter for the team, but also personally, since these are my first UCI points” .

Despite her lack of experience and her discovery of the very high level, the runner was not at the end of the exploration of her abilities and her strong potential. She looks back on her first laps: "I knew that I had a nice room for improvement because I started cycling quite recently but we will say that it is a nice surprise to be at this level ». It is in this beautiful dynamic that Ségolène continued its momentum by melting the Luxembourg bitume during the Elsy Jacobs Festival:

“It went pretty well, I went there without special ambition because I knew that the level was going to be raised and when I discovered the course I said to myself that it could be quite good for me what came to fruition during the first stage. It's a nice surprise to make a top 20 overall for me. »

At the same time, a little further in Europe in the Czech Republic, the second front consolidated a formidable 4th place for Chloé Charpentier over the general of the Gracia Orlova. The collective still shows the extent of its talent! It is a feeling that we also find in the eyes of Ségolène: "I feel good and there is really a great dynamic and a great collective within the team which continues to progress, it is very reassuring and it gives confidence for the future. ». Very good omens for the rest of the season.

The races will now follow one another until the two major events of this first half of the season. The team will make its first World Tour race on the occasion of the Tour de Suisse to head in the direction of the national championships! On the side of Ségolène, the second part should reserve new surprises for her where we will find her on grounds more favorable to her qualities: “There will be benefits of mountain races that should be better for me and that will be beautiful goals for me” . One thing is certain, the jersey of the Grand-Est - Komugi team-La Fabrique x Chef de File will continue to shine at the front of the peloton throughout the season!

Thanks to Ségolène Thomas for the time granted and to Billy Ceusters and Juliette Landon for the photo credits.

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